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What is a Smoothing Treatment? 

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to smoothness and shine with our Smoothing Treatment. Using a thermal therapy smoothing system, our heat-activated amino acids temporarily stretch disulfide bonds in your hair shaft, resulting in manageable, smooth strands. Not only does this treatment gently loosen your curl pattern, making it easier to detangle and style, but it can also cut your wash days in half, giving you some of your valuable time back. Book your appointment now and enjoy up to 12 weeks of beautiful, manageable hair.

How does the Smoothing Treatment work?

Step 1

Cleanse hair with clarifying shampoo.

Step 4

Flat iron the hair. 

For clients who want to wear it in a curly state, skip the flat iron and re-wet the hair and style after step 3.

Step 2

Apply smoothing treatment to hair applying at the root combing to the ends.

Step 3

Spray the Thermal Therapy Leave-In throughout the hair to remove any residue that wasn't absorbed. Blow-dry.

before and

Who is the ideal client?

Our Smoothing Treatment is the solution for anyone who is tired of dealing with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Want to try it out for yourself? Schedule your appointment with us today!

Benefits of Smoothig Trements (3)_edited.jpg


Level 1-$185

Level 2-$195

Level 3-$210

Level 4-$220

Requires a $50 deposit upon booking.

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