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Embarking on a new journey.

Remember the first time you decided you wanted to be natural or maybe you haven’t decided yet., no judgement here. The decision to throw the creamy crack away, for most of us, was a hard decision & it was because of our perspective. Unknownly, the fear of the unknown , the lack of knowledge, put us in a bad space leaving us questioning ourselves, “I should keep relaxing my hair, it’s easier to manage, & im familiar with the process.”

In life I have learned when you change your perspective you change your life.

Instead of being afraid of change because of the unknown. Change is an opportunity for growth. Take the time to learn how to care for your hair first, create a plan & stay consistent.

These are the words I wish someone would have told me before I decided to go natural. Plan. Plan. Plan & when you don’t know what to do plan some more.

Natural hair requires a routine to thrive.

All Curls United.🦋

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