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The Unbelievable Brush

Updated: Apr 23

It’s hard to believe influencers nowadays because everyone is being paid to promote brands. This is my honest review. I’m not a paid influencer. This is my personal opinion as a professional hairstylist.

This UNbelieveable brush has went viral for its impressive detangling power. A brush that can cut your detangling process in HALF, there has to be a catch.

Well, I am here to tell you, it’s not a LIE. The brush glides through the hair, making detangling a breeze. Run and get this brush. 😂

The Unbrush has saved my life, my arms, my back & hair. The brush holds up to the hype. My only issue was the size, for our thick & long haired people, but they made a UNbrush Plus, now available for purchase. They come in many different cute colors & patterns.

Great for all ages but especially children to have a tear-free detangle.

Make sure it’s UNbrush by FHI Heat, can be found on Amazon &

Let me know if this review made you buy it !

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