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What Level is your Hair?

  Choosing the right level is important to give you a

 superior experience. 


    This allows me to be able to book the right amount of time to give your hair the attention it needs. 



            *Levels are based on your length, & density. 


     Level 1 - Above shoulder length and/or fine-normal density. 

   Level 2 -Around shoulder length and/or   hair needs   more attention due to shrinkage, tangles, or medium density.

   Level 3 - Below shoulder length and/or heavy densities. 

    Level 4 -Below Mid back length with high density.


   When booking each style has 4 different levels to choose from.  

Our Services

All Services Includes

All services includes a stem hydration treatment , trim , product recommendations & building a hair care regimen . 


Steam hydration treatment is designed for water particles to penetrate deeper into the cuticle layers promoting the foundation to healthy hair . This allows hair to lock in moisture giving the hair longer relief for dry & damaged strands . All services do include the steam treatment. Add on for deeper conditioning mask or strengthen masks . 



Matted, knotted, or neglected tangles subject to $25 detangle fee.

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