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The Foundation System 

The Foundation system was created so that all my clients could create a personalized healthy hair care plan. 


Healthy Hair Scale 


Healthy (Regular salon visits. 5 or more times a year .)

Needs maintenance (3-4 visits a year)

Slightly Damage (1-2 visits a year) 

Extremely Damage (first time or 1+years)

The scale helps me know where you are currently, so the best care can be provided.  

4 Phases of Healthy Hair 

All clients go through these four phases, this is the foundational process. 

Phase 1

New Client Consultation.

We will discuss hair care, product recommendations, hair goals and history.

 We will discuss your hair care plan to assist you at-home.


Phase 2 

Follow- up and continuing hair care recommendations.  

We will discuss how you are executing your healthy hair care plan at home and any continuing hair care recommendations.


Phase 3

One on One lesson, called  "DIY Service" ( Serviced booked.)

This phase allows me to teach you a service so you can maintain your hair in-between salon visits.

Phase 4 

Access to a new service list.

Once we reached this phase you will have access to new services such as tape -in extensions, certain color services & more. The goal is to achieve healthy hair and maintaining it before adding extra services.  


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